Hit Press


Our philosophy

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”
– Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

At Hit Press we don’t pursue music and sound as simply a commercial venture. We have dedicated our lives to it. Through music and sound we experience, grow and explore. This is a passion we aim to share with you.

What we do

Music Supervision

You need music for your visual project. It can be a commercial, a promotional video, documentary, feature film or even video game. Anything. What music would be best to convey the emotion and set the tone for your story? How do you obtain that music and what are the license implications?

As music supervisors we can find the perfect music for your story and we will gladly negotiate the legal obligations on your behalf.

Music Composition

There is some fantastic music out there, but none of it is exactly what you want for your project. The song in your head would have trumpets instead of that guitar line. You definitely like the beat of Song A, but Song B sounds so much bigger. And don’t forget about those electronic synthesizers. They would’ve definitely hit the vibe you are looking for. Is that a guy singing? What would a girl or group sound like?

As composers and song writers we can craft the music you hear in your head. And we usually have some pretty cool ideas of our own.

Sound Design

Your film or video game has music, but it feels kinda like a silent movie from the early 1900s. It needs sound! Doors opening? People walking? Background noises? Explosions? Tranquil rivers? What about that science fiction effect that nobody’s done yet? Cars? Guns? Animals? Cartoon noises?

As passionate sound designers we enjoy nothing more than recording the world around us and crafting new sounds that nobody has heard yet!

Mixing & Mastering

You can’t hear the dialogue over the music. Never mind the dialogue, the music itself is muddy. The drums drown out the bass, the guitar guy keeps cranking his volume, but I already can’t hear the vocals and why is the piano playing in a bathroom? My ears hurt… And why doesn’t our song sound as full and clear as the radio hits?

As professional audio engineers we know your pain and we can relieve it. Whether we are working with music or balancing sounds for film and video games we know exactly where to place every item so that you can experience a creative, clear and full-range mix.


Subtitles are fun, but nothing beats a voice that fits the scene like a glove. It just pulls you in. Be it the warm voice of a narrator telling a story, a goofy character scattering toys or a scary monster taunting you in the dark, voice has presence and authority that lines of text find hard to convey.

As audiophiles we can find the talent that will best suit your story. As sound designers we can make that voice anything you can (or can’t) imagine and as audio engineers we can capture and produce that voice to deliver a final mix and master for your project.

Audio Repair

You’ve recorded a rare event on your phone or camera and you would love to use it online, but it sounds horrible… Too much wind, the voice is very unclear and there is just a lot of background noise. Or you recorded something in a cathedral and now you want to use it in an outside scene, but it still echoes like in a cathedral.

As audio scientists we know why that is happening and we can definitely improve the quality of any audio. Perhaps even clear it up completely.

Our tunes

Who are we

Vincent Smith

At the age of six Vincent assembled his first computer and also learned to play the recorder. Programming, modding video games and playing guitar were his childhood pastimes of choice. He studied Visual Communication at the Open Window Institute for Arts and Digital Sciences in South Africa after which he dedicated a career of fifteen years to Graphic Design and Animation. His passion for music and longing for a broader range of skills led him to study Contemporary Music, Guitar and Vocals at The Campus of Performing Arts. He now lives in The Hague where he studies the piano, designs sound and composes music. He also develops video games.

Kahlam Merchant

Kahlam has been playing music from a very young age and to date has written for and performed in more than twenty bands. After a course in Jazz and Bass Guitar at the Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa he moved on to study Media and Entertainment Management in The Netherlands,  composing his thesis on The Evolution of Artist Managment. An internship at Hotwiel recording studio inspired him to further expand his technical audio knowledge which led him to complete an Audio Engineering course at Pro Audio Education in Amsterdam. Today he writes, produces, mixes and masters songs. He also explores the business side of the music industry.